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OPAL Playtimes

Our OPAL Vision

OPAL's vision is that every child in every school has an amazing hour of high quality play every day - with no exceptions. 

We completely endorse this vision - our aim is to ensure that all of our children have at least an hour of high quality play every day.

Our OPAL Journey

We have embarked on a new project to improve playtimes for all children at The Mosley Academy. We have signed up to the OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) programme to support us with this, and are well on our way in our OPAL journey!  This includes being assigned an opal mentor called Bobby. Bobby has a background in circus skills and supporting children to develop play all over the world. 

Did you know that playtime is around 20% of every child's day at school? That adds up to 1.4 years of play at primary school. It is also, for some children, the only time they have to play outside regularly.

Playing outdoors in rich play environments is one of the best ways for children to develop social skills, build resilience, make friends, be more creative and care about their planet. Right now, this is more important than ever.

For these reasons improving our children's playtime and making them the best they can be is crucial to us. This fits in with our whole school motto, Be The Best You Can Be!

We love participating in the OPAL primary programme, which is endorsed and supported by Sport England and runs in hundreds of schools across the UK and worldwide.

What does an OPAL playtime look like? Have a look at this video to find out more: Amazing OPAL Primary Playtime

More information can also be found on the OPAL website hereOPAL

We also have an Amazon Wishlist to add to our OPAL provision if you would like to contribute: