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Charlotte's Story


The Escape


This is a tale of the amazing brave Nibbles! Nibbles was snowy white, like fluffy clouds floating in the air. Nibbles lived at an atrocious school called Mosley. Mosley was full of monsters, oops sorry children! Nibbles lived in an old rusted cage but inside was a  completely different story! Straw glistened, toys everywhere. Nibbles really didnt like school though!!  One night Nibbles was thinking about the things he liked. Hmmmm he thought what do I like? Well I've always wanted to be free! " How I wish to be free!" Suddenly Nibbles saw the children coming with dressing up clothes. Nibbles dreaded this!! Today they dressed him up in a little pink bonnet with frills! After what seemed like forever they finished. Nibbles was furious!!  But was that the lock unlocked?


The next morning Nibbles was still snoring at 10:00! But when all the children came out to play Nibbles woke up. Nibbles stared hopelessly at the lock.

" Can you resist?" asked Templeton the rat.

" Yes yes I I can" stammered Nibbles.

"Oh no Nibbles, I am free like you could be, but I suppose you always will be there if you carry on like this!"

"But I can resist so go away," Nibbles yelled.

" Suit yourself" said Templeton as he scuttled away. Nibbles considered this idea even though he didn't show it! I mean, it must be fun to see the world thought Nibbles maybe I should.  Nibbles thought I will see tomorrow whether I should escape....


Next morning Templeton ran past the splintered cage.  "Templeton you were right, it's time to escape" shouted Nibbles.  "OK whatever" Templeton obliviously said.


Nibbles ran for it. "Run run run!" screached Templeton. Nibbles saw bushes and long grass, green as green can be. It smelt of berries and the sweet summer scent and oh such a taste of strawberries. SUDDENLY a noise, a big noise, a fox noise, "No, anytime but now" groaned Nibbles. Nibbles ran like the speed of light, you could hear his heart from miles away! The fox's paw could squash him in one! Nibbles' legs ran faster than his body. Rubbish in sight, I'll hide there.


As Nibbles grew nearer to the rubbish the fox got tired. Nibbles hid in the rubbish.  It stank! You could see the fox beginning to fall asleep. Bu was that Temleton skidding towards him. Yes it was, "TEMPLETON save me"! "OK" yelled Templeton.  So Nibbles ran with him.  Apparently the school were looking for him and yes there they were running towards him. They said hello and to Nibbles' relief they took him home. "Home Sweet Home" he laughed. Now Nibbles knows how lucky he is to have a lovely home like this! The children were grateful to have him home and never dressed him up again! So now you know the tale of Nibbles'  amazing escape!

 Charlotte Y4