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Are you ready, respectful and responsible?

We have simplified our behaviour expectations to a set of whole school rules. We enjoy rewarding our children for keeping each other and everyone in our school community happy, safe and a great place to learn and develop!
We believe that relationships with our children are at the heart of every successful behaviour strategy, so we focus on ensuring that our positive behaviour focus is to develop these relationships with our children.

Children receive green cards for excellent behaviour that demonstrates being a good role model to others.  If children make wrong choices then we use a restorative practice approach to work with the child to ensure they  reflect on this behaviour and work out how to restore the situation. Our final rule is RESTORE!

The children will also be able to use their green cards at the end of each half term to join in with a It's Good to Be Green Morning of enrichment activities. The top 5 children in each class receive the first choice of activities. We also celebrate with Hot Chocolate Friday for those children who go above and beyond that half term!

 Choices for the It's Good to be Green morning may be from construction afternoon, dance, extra sports, arts and crafts amongst an array of other enrichment activities.

We have high expectations of each other at Mosley and support one another to make the right choices and be positive role models. On a Friday afternoon, the whole school enjoys Celebration assembly. This is a special time in school to reward those children who have gone above and beyond and demonstrated great effort and/or skill in reading, writing and good manners. We also award a Star of The Week in every class. This can be for anything that the class teacher or TA in the class would like to celebrate. It ranges from being resilient, being kind, showing respect, putting in lots of effort to excellent work in a subject area. We hope that all children will receive this over the year and we encourage every child to be the best they can in order to achieve this special award. The children enjoy celebrating each other's achievements.

Our school values are Honesty, Respect, Kindness, Resilience,  Happiness and Independence. Each half term we focus on one of these values and award a special certificate in assembly linked to that value.