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Our Golden Rules!

Golden Rules

We have formalised our behaviour expectations to a set of whole school “Golden Rules”. We enjoy rewarding our children for keeping each other and everyone in our school  community happy, safe and a great place to learn and develop!

The “Golden Rules” are: 

We are gentle

We have kind hands, feet and words to each another. We look after each others' feelings.

We are kind and helpful

We look after each other at school and do what we can to help one another  to be the best we can be for our school and community.

We listen

We show respect towards each other and take it in turns to listen to everyone's ideas and opinions.

We are honest

We take care of each other and respect each other enough to tell the truth at all times, even when it might be hard to do so.

We work hard

We always try to be the best we can be and put in our best efforts and attitudes to learn and achieve.

We look after property

We are respectful to our school community and wider world.

As a reward for keeping the 'Golden Rules' the children will have 'Golden Time' on Friday afternoon for half an hour.  For following the Golden Rules children can also receive green cards for exceptional behaviour that demonstrates being a good role model to others.  If children make wrong choices then they may receive a yellow card as a reminder to reflect and improve their behaviour.  If the behaviour persists they will be given a red card.  If a child receives a red card they will miss 5 minutes of Golden Time.

The children will also be able to use their green cards to 'buy' items from the Golden Time Shop, also on a Friday.  The children will have to earn more green cards if they want the more 'expensive' things from the shop!

The children love having Golden Time and it is highly valued and prized by them! They get to choose each week as a class what treat they would like to do. Choices may be from construction afternoon, dance, extra sports, arts and crafts amongst an array of other enrichment activities.

We have high expectations of each other at Mosley and support one another to make the right choices and be positive role models. On a Friday afternoon, the whole school enjoys Celebration assembly. This is a special time in school to reward those children who have gone above and beyond and demonstrated great effort and/or skill in reading, writing and good manners. We also award a Star of The Week in every class. This can be for anything that the class teacher or TA in the class would like to celebrate. It ranges from being resilient, being kind, showing respect, putting in lots of effort to excellent work in a subject area. We hope that all children will receive this over the year and we encourage every child to be the best they can in order to achieve this special award. The children enjoy celebrating each other's achievements.

We are looking forward to inviting parents back in to school to celebrate their child's special awards time once it is safe to have more visitors in to school again.